Disneys supply to fellow farmers, ranchers

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Editor’s Note: This story is part of an ongoing series about Portales business owners who have been with their respective businesses for five years or more.

With Slash-D-Three Livestock and Feed Supply, Dwayne and Sue Disney have owned what they call “the biggest little feed store in Eastern New Mexico” since 1996.
According to Sue, there was a need in Portales for a small, personalized feed store that catered to the individual needs of ranchers, farmers and their livestock.
“When first entering the business, we lacked the retail experience but had plenty of livestock experience,” Sue said.
They own a cattle business, Slash-D-Three Red Angus, aside from the feed store.
After finding a location location for Slash-D-Three, they set up shop by obtaining a variety of feed for livestock. Once the Disneys began supplying medication and supplements for animals, they said the business built itself.
“Owning a feed store is time-consuming but the customers make it worth it,” she said. “Listening to the needs of customers and providing them with the products they want is the key to individualized service.”
Julie Rooney is a mother of four children, all under the age of four. When deciding to purchase a chicken for her 3-year-old daughter, Caitlyn, the Disneys recommended a very mellow breed of chicken, the best time of year to purchase that breed and the different types of feed the yearling would need during its growing stages.
Rooney said her daughter’s chicken later won first place at the Roosevelt county fair. 
“They’re the friendliest people,” Rooney said. If I’m unable to pick up feed or hay, they bring it to me, but when it comes to my animals, they know what I need.”
Recent rain has affected the Slash-D-Three feed store.
Usually their business is seasonal and prospers during show time (at fairs), summer and early fall, according to Sue.
Afterwards, business drops off because ranchers have plenty of grass, diminishing their need for supplemental feed.
“Now that we’re past the point of beneficial rain, people are requiring a lot of medication to doctor their sick animals from standing in wet mud all the time,” she said. “This keeps us busy.”
The future plans for Slash-D-Three is to remain a small personal feed store.
“Eventually I want to get back to my first love — showing bulls from our cattle operation,” Sue said.