School board: Five candidates running for three spots

By Kevin Wilson

When Feb. 1 comes around, voters from across Roosevelt County will be picking their school board representatives. Voters in Portales districts, however, will have a few more choices.
Five people are running for two open district spots on the Portales school board, while candidates for the positions in Dora, Floyd and Elida are running unopposed for their positions.
Three candidates will be competing for the spot in District 3 — Christie Carter, Alan Garrett and Jerry Partin. The winner will replace Steve Davis, who moved out of the district.
Carter, a loan secretary at Portales National Bank, said she saw an opportunity to take part in her children’s education and her neighbors saw the opportunity as well.
“Some parents from my neighborhood and my district heard that Mr. Davis had moved away from our area,” Carter said. “They had concerns and they thought that maybe by me going they’d have their voices heard.”
Carter said she would like to help make the schools a better place for her children to learn. Carter, a 1989 Portales High graduate, has two children — Amy, a third-grader and Brandon, a sixth-grader.
Garrett, a professor at Eastern New Mexico University, saw the board position as a way to take more involvement in local education.
“My career for the past 20 years has been devoted to education,” said Garrett, who has taught at ENMU for 13 years since coming from Hawley, Texas, where he taught high school math and physics.
Garrett had four goals if he was elected — improving learning opportunities for all students, making prudent use of fiscal resources, supporting meaningful academic programs and providing time and resources for teachers to teach and students to learn. He noted that there are legal and traditional obstacles to all of those areas.
Partin, who works at the Roosevelt Electric Co-operative, said the position represented a chance for him to give back.
“I went to school here and my kids have been going to school,” Partin said. “I just felt like I needed to contribute to the community.”
Partin said he had no real agenda and just hoped he could make the best choices if he is elected.
District 4 has incumbent David Brooks running against Steve Adkins. Neither could be reached for comment.
The open positions in Dora are Districts 2 (Scotty Watson), 3 (Kenneth Cox), 4 (Jana Roberts) and 5 (Kenner Carrasco). The open positions in Elida are Districts 3 (Garland Creighton), 4 (Virginia Clemmons) and 5 (Scott Burton). The open positions in Floyd are Districts 1 (Mark Dunlap) and 2 (Jeffrey Essary).
Candidates can withdraw their candidacy as late as Dec. 28.