Hunton lives goal through insurance agency

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Editor’s Note: This story is part of a recurring series on local business owners who have been with their business for at least five years.

With an aim to be a responsible business owner, David Hunton of Hunton Insurance has built a relationship with people in his 25 years as an insurance agent.
Since he was a child, Hunton had the hope of someday resembling his father, Carroll Hunton, as a business owner.
While attending Eastern New Mexico University, David’s advisor helped him land a part time job with McKillip’s Agency.
The job allowed him many opportunities to become not only a business owner, but to merge existing businesses: Burns, Cook, Booth, and McKillip Agencies. Those companies created a larger entity now known as Hunton Insurance.
“In a small town, you have to be ‘a jack of all trades’ and all the agencies wrote a similar type of business,” he said. “Combining the agencies has provided more companies to serve our customers.”
Hunton said he owes his success to his office staff and to his three sons: Shawn, Paul and Matt.
He said in the beginning of his career it was a struggle because he had to define the balance between his responsibilities as a provider to his children and to the community.
According to Hunton, it was this struggle of determination that led him to success.
Betty Procter has been an office manager and agent for Hunton Insurance since 1990.
She said David has influenced her life because of the high standards that he sets for himself.
“He’s very kind and pleasant to people,” she said. “If people feel comfortable with you, then you, as an agent, can give them the best coverage based upon their needs whether outside the office or when positively affecting your employees inside the office.”
Customers depend on local insurance agents to represent them to their insurance companies when there is a loss and a claim needs to be processed immediately.
On July 4, 1995, Wheeler Mortuary burned down. The owner, Scott Reeves, said his business would not have continued had it not been for his insurance policy.
“It was reassuring to know that we could rebuild and continuing operation,” Reeves said. “You want to work with someone you trust just incase you have a problem.”
Hunton’s plans to retire are still in the distant future as his sights are focused on growing his agency.
Last year, he partnered with his cousin Brad Hunton by opening an agency in Roswell.
Brad, who lives in Portales and commutes to his agency, credits David with allowing him the opportunity to venture into this business.
“If he sees a door of opportunity to help others, he takes it,” Brad said.