Jan. 5 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

This area has all been blessed with beautiful weather all through the double holiday weekends and in between. Most were happy to have a white Christmas and then have the weather clear up quickly so the kids could get outside to enjoy their new remote controlled toys and ride their bikes and trikes.
The families were thankful for some time to be together, with some going other places to spend time, while others had relatives come back home to all of our area. The gas even went down a few cents and made traveling less expensive.
The cold spell for a couple of days resulted in some frozen pipes, but I don’t know of any that had them busted. They thawed out the past few warmer days.
The Dora School had school on Monday and do its regular schedule, except it will be out on Friday of this week.
Don Field said that Karl and Mary Field are holding on real well in Clovis and Bill is in the Bee Hive here in Portales. I’m sure there are others in care facilities I did not hear from but we need to keep them in our prayers.
All in all 2004 has been a very good year to have memories of and we pray the New year of 2005 is just as much a blessing to everyone.

Charlie Sez
My prayer for 2005 for each of you is health and happiness and a wealth of love for others who are in need of any kind. May God richly bless and peace come to all.