Board extends Holloway’s contract

By Tony Parra

Portales school board members on Monday evening approved to have James Holloway’s contract extended through June 30 of 2006.
Holloway said he has been superintendent of schools since July 1, 1999. He said he served a two-year contract when he first took over as superintendent, but now is on one-year contracts.
“I’m happy with the board’s decision,” Holloway said. “I have a really good relationship with the board members. I don’t really mind that it’s only a one-year contract. They were a mutual agreement between the administration and the board members.”
Holloway is currently on a contract through June.
“He’s truly an asset to the school district,” Inez Rodriguez, president of the school board, said. “He has strong leadership skills. He has a great knowledge of state-wide and local events important to Portales schools. He serves on state-wide committees.”
Rodriguez said she has been the president for almost one year and has been on the school board for approximately four years.
Holloway said the school board members decide whether or not to renew the superintendent’s contract for another year in January. According to Holloway, he hires central office workers in February, principals in March and teachers in April.
School board members have their evaluation process of the superintendent in November and December.
Board members spoke about the evaluation with Holloway during the executive session on Monday night.
“We’re all in agreement with the leadership of the school district,” Holloway said. “We share information and keep the communication lines open.”