Jan. 16 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

The weather has been pretty nice this week again so the remodeling and construction on the school buildings has had nice progress. When it’s done, the students don’t have to walk so far to the cafeteria.

Coming dates
Tuesday through Thursday, the sophomores will take the New Mexico High School Competency Exam. They must pass all areas of this to graduate from High School, so every student needs to be present for this complete test.

There will be an honor roll assembly on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. This will be in the high school auditorium. All parents and interested people are invited to come.

No school
Monday there will be no school in Dora as it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The Floyd junior high boys and girls teams teams came to Dora. The Dora girls won but, the Floyd boys won against the Coyotes.
One Tuesday, the Dora varsity boys and girls and the junior varsity varsity boys and girls and all play at Elida starting at 4:00 p.m.
On Thursday, the Dora varsity girls play Valley Christian in Dora at 6 p.m. Our junior high boys and girls will go to Melrose for games at 4 p.m.
On Saturday, the junior varsity boys play Dexter/Valley Christian here, TBA.
On Jan. 24, there is no school but the junior high boys and girls play Ft. Sumner here at 4 p.m.

January birthdays
2nd, Ryan Craig and Ashley Carter; 8th, Bailey O’Connor; 9th, Erika Danbom; 11th, Serena Wormuth; 12th, Stephanie Lopez and Peter Friesen; 14th, Sassha Foster; 15th, Bailee Thatcher; 17th, Colter Lamb and Nancy Lopez; 18th, Tanessa Watson; 19th, Nallely Ramierez; 21st, Shantel Allison; 23rd, Adrianna Lucero; 24th, Kameron King; 29th, San Massey and Tori Varnell; 31st, Tyler Frank.