Jan. 30 Elida School News

By Michelle Chambers

Congratulations to Shalie Anthony and Dylan Radcliff on being chosen as Homecoming Queen and King. They were crowned in a ceremony held in the gymnasium following the basketball game in which the Tigers triumphed over the challengers from House.
More kudos are due to Shalie who was recently nominated as the Daughters of the American Revolution good citizen for Elida High School.
Adrienne Coe and Audra Turner have been selected to apply for the National Honor Society Scholarship. Congratulations, ladies.
The Elida Elementary School students and teachers enjoyed a book fair this week.
Jacque Madrid from the Roosevelt County Extension Office has been here one day a week for two weeks to train some FCCLA members on the Eat Smart, Play Hard nutrition program so they can help teach the program to the second and third grade students. They will continue to train until the middle of February.
Quentin Griffin and Mrs. Anthony traveled to Albuquerque for the January planning meeting for FCCLA state conference to be held in April. The students learned lots of fun activities in which each team had to work together to accomplish a task. Quentin is currently serving as the connection team office from Region IV.
Miss Brittiny Mowell is a new student at Elida Elementary School.
Elida High School has a new English teacher named Mrs. Michelle Chambers. She is here along with her two kids who are also attending Elida Elementary School — a son who is in the third grade, Paul Chambers, and a daughter, Charlotte, who is in the fourth grade.