Jewelry store set for golden anniversary

By Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of stories about local business owners who have been with their respective businesses for five years or longer.

The owners of Woody’s Jewelry, Danny and Chris Woodward, will be celebrating their business’s 50th anniversary in March.
The Woodwards have brought eloquence to Portales by offering their customers a variety of jewelry and personal service.
The store first broke ground in 1955 with H. L. “Woody” and Myrtice Woodward, Danny’s parents, as the owners.
In 1980, at the age of 20, Danny took over the business when his father became ill taking Woody’s Jewelry to a whole new level.
“My father was more of a watchmaker,” said Danny. “But I wanted to work with jewelry because I thought it would be a good move due to today’s technology and its demand compared to the watch industry.” he said.
Throughout their years, Danny and Chris have overcome many obstacles to be in the position they are today but their most memorable moment was one of their most uncomfortable which was filling the store with inventory when they first took over the business.
“We drove to Dallas, Texas, where we purchased our merchandise from wholesalers,” Danny said. “The whole anticipation part of it was frightening because you constantly questioned whether or not you made the right move to work in jewelry and whether people would like the merchandise that you selected.”
Now that the days of trepidation are behind them, Danny said the store has been consistently growing each year because of merchandise and service they say never goes out of style.
When someone comes into the store to purchase a piece of jewelry, Chris said that she has a lot of fun.
“Buying jewelry is an emotional purchase,” she said, “because hopefully you’re helping someone pick out a gift for someone they love.”
Over the years, college students will come in and look around out of curiosity because their parents bought their wedding rings at the store. But recently, Danny said they have been seeing the second and third generation of couples coming in to buy wedding rings.
Danny said the business would not be what it is today had it not been for the Woodward spouses — Myrtice in the past and Chris now.
“Chris has been like the prongs that hold a diamond in its setting,” said Danny. “She takes care of the customers, the bills, and the employees. Without her, we would not have a diamond — Woody’s jewelry store.”