Feb. 13 PJHS News

By Billie Dixon

Track season up
Students are learning the basics of various track and field events as they decide on their favorite event. Buy a couple of tubes of sun screen to prepare for the seven scheduled track meets. 
Testing upcoming
The way the state designates the school’s status based on test results, school officials are stressting for all students to try their best on the state test beginning Feb. 28. If only one subgroup fails, the whole school fails.  Even though Portales Junior High students overall scored very well, one subgroup of students scored lower than average, causing the entire school to fall into the “needs improvement” category. The school has been providing tutoring for those students so they may succeed. 
These scores are used to place students in appropriate classes. If student scores fall low enough, the school will provide a remedial reading class for those students the following year in place of an elective. Summer school may also be available to help students master weak academic skills.
A positive reinforcement committee at school is planning to reward all students who work seriously and try to answer questions instead of just bubbling in answers in three minutes on a 45-minute test. 
Telephone use
Assistant Principal Glenda Meeks reminds students that the school telephone is to be used for emergencies. If students keep the phone busy asking about forgotten clothes or books, the phone line is tied up for regular school business and true emergencies. The student rules actually prohibit students from bringing cell phones to school. However, the administration has relaxed those rules as a convenience to parents.
A parent must sign a form allowing his/her child to have a phone at school and releasing the school should the phone be broken or stolen. Cell phones are to be kept in the backpack or deep in a pocket and must be turned off during the school day. 
Band earns honors
Band instructor Brandon Boerio has a right to be proud of his students for the honors they earned. ENMU hosted the annual solo and ensemble festival this past Saturday. Students from all over our region participated. Several Portales Band members received top scores and honors for their performances at the festival.
Lindsey Middle School solo scores were: Jeremy Hillard/flute-Excellent, Jamie Bargas/2 flute solos-Superior on both and chosen as the “Outstanding Junior High Soloist” from her judge. Students receiving a rating of 1 (Superior): Alexandra Baca/flute, Alyssa Hill/clarinet, Shalisha Davis/clarinet, Sawyer May/alto sax, Sam Rice/alto sax, Michelle Kemp/trombone, Chris McLean/trombone, Ryan Wood/snare drum and xylophone, Lizzie Goodwin/French horn, and Anthony Sapp/French horn and trumpet.
Junior high scores were: Kristina Holt/flute-Excellent, Nick McLean/French horn and Kimberly Hilliard/trumpet received Superior ratings and were chosen as the “Outstanding Jr. High Soloist” from their judge. The French horn quartet (Nick McLean, Walker Partin, Mackenzie Kennedy, and Tim Brooks) received a Superior rating and was chosen as the “Outstanding Jr. High Ensemble” by their judge.
Students receiving a rating of 1 (Superior) on their solos and ensembles were: Sarah Bruedigam/flute, Tim Smith/alto sax, Ashley Brunson/trumpet, Walker Partin/French horn, Chris Allen/French horn, Tim Brooks/French horn and xylophone, Alex Strong/trombone, Michael Lucero/tuba, Scott Kennedy/snare and xylophone, Percussion Ensemble (Will Bruedigam, Jeremy Gutierrez, Ricky Hernandez, Scott Kennedy, Jesse Kirchner, Paul Marquez, Ethan Ortega, Tyler Pratt, and Sarah Riley), and Flute Trio (Sarah Bruedigam, Kristina Holt, Angela Mowrer).
All the participants from Portales High School received ratings of 1. Those participants were: Jeffery Brooks/flute, Orlando Shelly/clarinet, Jeremy Smith/alto sax, Michael Harrell/tenor sax, Alec Acree/French horn, Mackenzie Kennedy/French horn, Shawn Vigil/tuba, Clarinet Ensemble (Orlando Shelly, Becki Gardiner, Lourdes Guiterrez), and Saxophone Duet (Jeremy Smith and Michael Harrell).