Feb. 16 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Dora area residents are thankful for all the moisture that continues to come. It gives great hopes for the crops this yea and for pasture grass too.

The Valentine Banquet Sunday evening at the Dora Baptist Church was well attended. The funds from those attending and other promised contributions will go a long way for the next youth trip.

New baby
Julia and Joe Waid came up Friday and visited with me for a while. I had not seen their new baby girl, Harlea. She is 3 months old now and is greatly adored by her 2 big brothers, Gareth and Seth. Tiffany Bittick came over with them for a while also. They work on road construction and are now in the Alamogordo area. It had rained so much there they had to take a few days off. They went back to Roswell on Saturday evening after a visit with her parents, Linda and Larry Bittick.

They will be in Dora on Feb. 23, but the time has not been determined. Come in the afternoon, unless called otherwise.

Charlie’s hint
If your water is hard, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse. That softens the water, reduces lint, and keeps hard water scale from building up inside the machine. From Franklin’s Almanac.