Feb. 20 Faith Triumphant School News

By Donna Kelly

Monday there will be no school, and the office will be closed in observance of President’s Day.

Academic competitions
The school spelling bee was held on Feb. 4. The grades 3-5 winner was Jesse McCain, and Johnathan Kelly was the runner-up. The grades 6-8 winner was Reshea Kelly, and Jessica McCain was the runner-up. Jesse and Reshea will attend the regional Spelling Bee in Clovis on March 5.
The high school students completed the American Mathematics Competition Exam on Tuesday. The results will be revealed sometime in March.
Class updates
Mrs. Corene Alford was asked to share what her classes are doing.  She wrote the following: “In Devotions, the juniors and seniors have been exploring the characteristics of spiritual strength. We have discovered through Daniel chapter 6 and Luke chapters 4-6 that strength is evident in our actions. We have learned that a strong person is a steadfast leader, a faithful servant, a completer of tasks, a supplier of needs, a speaker of truth in love, an advocate for righteousness, and an expectant reaper. We will continue the subject of strength over the next few days.
“English class subjects are as varied as the weather in Eastern New Mexico. The juniors and seniors are working on writing improvement exercises that focus on subordination, parallelism, coordination, and pronoun reference. They will begin compare/contrast essays next week. Students exhibiting excellence in this group are Caleb Richards and Seth Pearson.
Ninth- and 10th-grade students just completed a unit on the grammatical functions of nouns, and will begin pronouns. They will be memorizing the nominative, objective, and possessive case pronouns and using these pronouns correctly in their writing assignments. Those excelling in this class are Cassie Paden and Evan Luna
Finally, grammar in the junior high is presenting new challenges with adjective and adverb usage. We will soon be finishing up the eight parts of speech and starting on sentence structure. The shining star students from this group are Reshea Kelly and Brandi Smith.
The junior and senior accounting class is currently being challenged with journalizing in and posting from the special journals: sales journal, cash receipts and cash disbursements journals, purchases journal, and general journal. Students are posting to subsidiary and general ledgers, as well as learning to prepare schedules of accounts receivable and accounts payable. The students excelling in accounting are Jake Jones and Luis McCain.”