Feb. 23 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The weather last week makes one wonder if spring is already here. According to the groundhog, there is still more winter ahead.
Farmers are getting land ready for planting crops when the time comes and doing what they can between showers. The ground is really good for most farmers because of so much more moisture than in recent years.

There will be a bridal shower for Nicole Phillips and James Carey on March 21 in the Causey Community Building at 2 p.m. Phillips is the daughter of Clyde and Janie Phillips of Causey and is a graduate of Dora High School. They are planning to marry on March 26 in Van Buren, Ark. Everybody is invited.

Around the county
Tracy Price continues to improve. All of her family wanted to express their thanks to everyone for thoughts and prayers throughout this period.
There have been several cases of flu-like viruses in the area.

Jerrel and Kim Lee were here last week and visiting his mother, Laverne Coffman, and other local relatives. They now live in Weatherford, Texas. Jerrel is from Causey.

Charlie Sez
Try white vinegar to spray on your early growth of mustard weeds. Mine were sprayed on Monday and on Tuesday they had already wilted some.