Feb. 27 Portales Junior High News

By Billie Dixon

Choir competition
Congratulations to the following choir students who recently participated in the Southeastern District Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competition.
These students all received a superior rating at the festival;  Kaitlyn Stratton and Sarah Sutton both received “1”s for solos. Hannah Stroud, Natalie Salas, and Tatiana Torres also received a superior rating for their ensemble.  Blake Comanse and Shelby Stevens also received a “1” for their ensemble.
These students all received an excellent rating at the festival: Kelsi Gray, Taylor Cage, Tatiana Torres, solo; Kelsi Gray, Andrea Brown, and Taylor Cage, ensemble; Tara Johnson and Ashlee Duarte, ensemble; Jodie Hibbard, Monica Lucero, Terasa Shirley, Nancy Piedra and Cayla Bergsieker, ensemble.
These students all received a good rating at the festival: Ariel Vallejo and Marta Quiroz, ensemble, and Stormy Price, solo.

Student grades on-line
Principal Steve Harris reminds parents that they may check student grades any time through the Internet. The technology department mailed instructions and a password home to parents of each student. This system allows parents to check daily to access student progress. If parents misplaced the password, they may contact the school’s technology department at 359-0944 for assistance. 

Testing week begins
Monday morning finds all junior high students with a # 2 pencil taking the new state test. This is the first test specifically developed for New Mexico’s standards and benchmarks. All students in the district will have a free breakfast at school to help fuel their minds. The principal asks all parents to make sure that students get a good night’s rest. If student scores are low, they may need to take summer school to help them catch up in reading and math. Students are placed in classes the following year based on their scores so they may achieve their full potential.
Attendance is especially important during the next two weeks. If a student is seriously ill during the test, Counselor Alan Dodd will provide make-up test sessions. Dodd asks that regular doctor appointments be changed if possible.
To inform students about the importance of the tests, the school hosted a testing pep rally Friday.