March 2 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Some of the irrigation farmers are really getting things in order for corn to be planted then the other crops will fall in line as their turn comes.
I see quite a few young calves in the pastures and saw a new colt yesterday. There were a few geese in the air one day last week. They were sort of going south but could just have been hunting food.

Kid help
I talked to Tina Carmichael one day last week and she told me about her son deciding to help her do some cleaning last week. She was busy as could be and he came and wanted her to see what he was doing, Well, he had taken her cleaning stuff and put it in the aquarium to clean the water. It cleaned the aquarium, but the fish were never taken out of the aquarium. The chemicals had killed everyone of them.
This reminded me of a time in the 50s when one of the high school senior boys put bluing in a teacher’s fish tank in the chemistry lab. The water was beautiful but the fish just didn’t survive. The student in question didn’t confess for years since he was one of the better science students.

They were given out on last Wednesday.