March 13 Broad Horizons School News

Students and teachers of Broad Horizons were glad to get settled back into their regular class schedules this last week following the previous week’s state mandated testing requirements. School staff went an extra step to encourage attendance the week of testing by offering prizes in a drawing for those who were present. All currently enrolled students are required by the state of New Mexico to take the examination and those who missed it the first time around will be making it up the following week.
Broad Horizon’s schedule includes an educational opportunity referred to as Monday School. The typical school week for students and teachers to attend classes is Tuesday thru Friday with longer classes. However, students may come in from 8 a.m. to noon on Mondays to make up work and receive tutoring. This program is proving successful to those students who are taking advantage if it. All Broad Horizons students are welcome to come to Monday school.
In light of community involvement, the school has formed a team to participate in the up-coming “Relay for Life” held in Portales next month. The students and staff will be united in this effort.