Commission gives bid for tumbleweed eradicator

By Tony Parra

Roosevelt County commissioners approved on Tuesday to award a bid for tumbleweed eradication either by service or by equipment to Prestige Manufacturing of Kimball, Neb.
Dan Kennison, owner of Prestige Manufacturing, will work on a modification of a piece of equipment used to snatch tumbleweeds from the fences and tear them into pieces, leaving behind a trail of shredded tumbleweeds.
The cost of the equipment is $7,235 for the tumbleweed eradicator and it was the only bid. The eradicator is mounted in front of a tractor. Kennison has promised if any problems should incur with the eradicator, he would drive down to solve any of the problems.
“I think we need to move forward on this,” Commission Chairman Gene Creighton said. “The man is waiting. He will come down and show us the tumbleweed eradicator.”
Kennison said he has sold 75 tumbleweed eradicators to ranchers, government and air force entities from Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming. According to Kennison, the company has been selling the tumbleweed eradicators for the last five years.
In other business in Tuesday’s meeting:
• Commissioners also approved to award the bid to NCA Architects of Albuquerque for the architectural design services of the new addition to the Roosevelt County Detention Center.
Roosevelt County commissioners were told the new addition would cost an estimated $2.6 million to build a 72-bed addition to the RCDC.
The proposed addition to the current 83-bed facility would be funded in part by a gross receipts tax increase of 1/16 of a cent that went into effect Jan. 1.
The tax will create approximately $113,000 in revenue per year to help offset the cost of an addition. Creighton said this money will be used for the purpose of paying for the cost without having to get money from the county budget.
RCDC Administrator Jesse Luera said the control center for the new addition will need five new employees. Luera, along with Hardin, made the recommendation to award the bid to NCA Architects.
“NCA Architects have built more county jails in New Mexico than any other architect,” Hardin said. “They have a feasibility study and they are very well qualified.”
Hardin will inform NCA Architects that the firm won the bid and will set a date to have them make a presentation on the new addition.