Bingaman seeks funds for Cannon

PNT Staff

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today outlined his fiscal year 2006 spending priorities for military construction projects at Cannon Air Force Base.
In a letter to top Senate appropriators, Bingaman requested $5.5 million to upgrade the Munitions Storage Area at Cannon Air Force Base. The current munitions maintenance facility, which provide for the assembly, repair, inspection, and other tasks involving conventional munitions, dates to 1951.
“Cannon Air Force Base has played an important role in our country’s national defense and the funding I am requesting today will help strengthen its ability to continue to do so,” Bingaman said in a release.
The funds requested by Bingaman would be used for the construction of a new facility and would help eliminate delays in equipment maintenance, and in turn, limit the number of mission-ready armaments needed to support flying operations.
Bingaman also requested $14.2 million for a communications facility at Cannon. Funds would be used for the construction of a new communications facility needed to consolidate communications operations and for the construction of a new command post.