April 27 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The “too” cool weather and winds are keeping some of our irrigation farmers from planting peanuts and corn. They are ready for the weather and ground to warm up.

Ambulance run
The Causey ambulance was called on a run on Saturday evening to transport a young pregnant wife to the Morton Hospital. Don’t know how the patient is doing now.

Linda and Larry Bittick enjoyed having their three grandkids from Roswell for the weekend. They are children of Joe and Julia Waid, Jareth, Seth and Harlea from six months to five years old, needless to say they are very active and enjoyable.

In hospital
Lance Preuit is in a Lubbock hospital from chemical burns in his lungs. Rowena Preuit, his grandmother, called to report this. He was to have Z-rays and tests on Monday to check for the extent of damage.