‘Unsettled weather’ should continue throughout week

PNT Staff

Monday’s conditions in Portales were cold and overcast, and weather forecasters predict a week of rain.
Monday saw Portales receive just two-hundredths of an inch of rain, but a 40-degree day and overcast weather helped create the “illusion” of more precipitation according to James Kratzer, a meterologist at Cannon Air Force Base’s weather center.
“Whenever it’s overcast and dreary … the illusion is that we always got more than we did,” said Kratzer, who added that snow was reported in Amarillo and as close as Tucumcari.
“Unsettled weather” should continue throughout the week, Kratzer said. Conditions for Tuesday are expected to be similar to Monday’s conditions. While the temperature is expected to reach normal numbers by Thursday, Kratzer said thunderstorms will likely arrive by that time.
The cold weather at the beginning of May puts some local farmers in a tough place, as corn and cotton are tough to plant in cold weather.
“It’s not even warm enough to be planting corn,” said Roosevelt County Extension Agent Floyd McAlister. “We’re way below normal on our temperatures.”
The average high temperature for May, according to Kratzer, is 81 degrees — about twice as high as Monday’s temperature.
The cold weather comes after an April that saw only 0.4 inches of rain, about half of the month’s average on Cannon’s 90-year tracking system.
“The last six weeks have been really dry,” McAlister said. “We started out this year with as good of moisture as I’ve ever seen in this county, but it’s really dried out.”
The area has received 2.75 inches of precipitation so far in 2005, according to Kratzer.