Cannon closure details

The Associated Press

PENTAGON SAYS: Close Cannon Air Force Base and distribute active duty and Air National Guard aircraft to Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque and other bases Wisconsin, South Dakota, Maryland, Nevada and Utah.
WHY: Cannon’s active duty F-16s will move to Nellis and Hill Air Force bases, which the Pentagon says have a higher military value than Cannon. Some of the National Guard planes would go to Kirtland.
COST AND SAVINGS: The Department of Defense would see a one-time cost of $90 million to shutter the base, but expects to save $815.6 million during the years it takes to close Cannon. The military expects annual savings of $200.5 million once the base is closed.
LOSERS: By the Pentagon’s count, closing the base would cost 4,780 jobs, including 2,824 base jobs and an estimated 1,956 jobs in the Clovis area.