ENMU regents approve course fees increase

By Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Eastern New Mexico University Regents approved an increase in course fees on Friday for art classes to help in the expense of Macintosh computers and software.
The regents approved the hike in course fees for ENMU’s Macintosh computer labs during Friday’s Board of Regents meeting. The computer lab is utilized by art students taking courses involving the use of Macintosh computers, such as computer graphics and animation.
“The issue is being able to establish and maintain a lab in the Macintosh programs,” K. Paul Jones, vice president for Academic Affairs, said. “The software of the computers used is much more expensive than others. We want this program to work. This is a program with a high cost.”
Gamble said $70,000 a year is spent on the program and that the course fees will make up $11,000 of the cost. He said the rest is paid for by the university.
“We’ve had students that say they have difficulty with the computers and are not able to design at the level necessary,” Jones said. “We have lost some students because of it.”
Courses such as Art 210 will go up from $65 to $115 a semester. Other classes such as Art 245 and Art 246 will go up from $50 to $100.
In other news at the meeting:
l University Preseident Steven Gamble said his contract was extended for another year and he received a 3 percent increase. It was the same percentage increase given to faculty members. Gamble’s pay for the fiscal year increased to approximately $164,300.
“I’m grateful for the contract extension,” Gamble said on Monday.
l Gamble announced 330 students qualified for a diploma from ENMU during Saturday’s graduation ceremony.
There were 346 applicants in the Spring of 2004 and 407 applicants in the Spring of 2003. There were 106 who received a Bachelor of Science degree and there were 40 who received Bachelor of Business Administration. There were 65 students who received Master’s degrees.
l Board members granted emeritus status for three professors who will be retiring in either June or July. David Gerig, professor of music, Richard Propes, associate professor of mathematical sciences and Ray Gormley, assistant professor of Marketing were granted emeritus status.
“We’re losing three very great people,” Gamble said. “They will be greatly missed.”
l Mike Elrod, director of the Ruidoso Instructional Center, announced the community-wide celebration of the center’s branch-campus status will take place at noon on July 1 in Ruidoso.