May 18 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The moisture on Saturday night and Sunday morning was really a blessing to all. There was about half an inch over the area, some a little over and no complaints about that.

There is some cotton up in the Garrison area on Hershell and Weldon’s places and it is all planted and ready to be up also. I know there are others, because they were all just waiting for the soil to warm up.

The family gave a birthday party in honor of Dusty Cathey’s birthday on Saturday. His brother Bill, sister Julie and other family members joined in the festivities. His mom and dad, Bob and Buna Cathey, were there to see all of their children, grand-children and great-grandchildren have a good time.

Lynn Paul Preuit is improving since his recent surgery. He is now able to stay in a room near the hospital with his wife instead of the hospital.

There is a special event being planned for the postal service in Texas and New Mexico. Watch in the next South County News for information.

If you have news pertaining to Milnesand, Pep, Bleuit, Lingo, Causey, Garrison, Longs or any of our community areas ion South County, please give me a call at 356-9104.