McCain to keep path going in Portales

By Marc Schoder: PNT Correspondent

Faith Triumphant Christian School graduate Luis McCain will call Portales his home for his next journey following Monday’s high school graduation.
“I will be going to ENMU for four years to get my teaching degree,” says McCain, who was one of two graduates from Faith Triumphant Christian School May 16. “I had always thought that I would have had more in my graduating class.”.
McCain said that he will remember most is a piece of advice that he received from one of his teachers.
“Mrs. Pearson told me that God has plans for you, and that you should pray for guidance,” said McCain.
During high school McCain played basketball, baseball and football. When his college career begins at ENMU, he will just focus on his studies.
McCain said he won’t be leaving Faith Triumphant emptyhanded — he will have all of the memories from high school to take with him.
“I will remember all of the advice that I received from teachers as well as all of the good times I had
with my friends while in high school,”McCain said. “I
remember on school trips that would sing the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.”
McCain’s father Steven felt that Luis had qualities necessary in a college student — self-sufficiency and knowing what it takes to get the job done.
“He was one of those kids that does not cause any trouble,” Steven McCain said. “Since we adopted him eight years ago, my wife and I have instilled Christian values in him which lead him to develop a love for church.”
This summer McCain plans to stay in Portales to work with Emerson Construction as a summer job.
McCain hopes that when he graduates that he can go on to coach.
“I would like to teach and coach basketball somewhere,” he said.