Former city commissioner joins state rodeo council

By Leslie Radford: Freedom Newspapers

Gloria Wicker of Clovis was recently appointed to the New Mexico Rodeo Council, according to Gov. Bill Richardson’s office.
A former city commissioner, Wicker currently serves on the board for the High Plains Rodeo Association. She said she applied for the position in April because she wanted to get involved in promoting rodeo for the state.
She is one of 11 board members hand-chosen by the Governor.
“I’ve always been an activist for projects like this,” said Wicker, who received a phone call from the governor’s office Tuesday notifying her of her appointment to the board. “I don’t mind fighting for something that is worth fighting for. I’m like a pit bull — when I get a hold of something, I can’t turn loose.”
The Council was established by the legislature to allocate funds to existing New Mexico rodeo programs and for communities that would like to begin a rodeo program.
Daniel Maki, manager of boards and commissions with the state, said Gov. Richardson came up with the idea to start a commission that would promote New Mexico rodeo after attending the National Finals last year.
“(The Governor) said there were only a few participants from New Mexico in the National Finals,” Maki said. “He said he remembered the days when New Mexico was more competitive in rodeo and just wanted to see that again.”