Free Lunch Menu
Call 356-5463 for information.
Monday: Memorial Day, no meal served.
Tuesday: Chicken nuggets, roll, fries, fresh fruit and milk.
Wednesday: Hamburger or cheese burger, chips, lett/tom, onion, fresh fruit and milk.
Thursday: Frito pie, corn, fresh fruit, little Debbie and milk.
Friday: Pizza, salad w/dressing, fresh fruit, frozen fruit bar and milk.

CSC Mealsite Menu
Monday: Closed for Memorial Day
Tuesday: Pork chop ole, rice medley, peas and carrots, oriental veggies and banana pudding
Wednesday: Chicken fajitas, tortilla, chili beans and sliced apples
Thursday: Hamburger stroganoff, beets, Calif. veggies, biscuit, pears and jello
Friday: Chicken w/rice, peas and carrots, broccoli, roll, oatmeal cookie and peaches