June 1 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

All around the Milnesand area has had rain and hail the past week. Elton Parkinson just to the north of the store had about two-and-a-half inches of rain and quite a bit of marble size hail. To the south a couple miles Barbara and Wiley Teel got about three-and-a-half inches of rain and more and larger hail than at her parents home.

Church special
The Milnesand Baptist Church is to have a special worship minister and his wife will be in charge of the morning worship Sunday. Bro. Mark and Debbie McCloud and his nephew, Michael McCloud will be at the keyboard for their worship in music and song, while Mark plays the guitar. Mark and his brother, Tim, graduated with Hillery Beggs, Ricky Gresham, Brenda Fenton and Linda Carmichael from Dora.
Tim died of cancer a few years ago. Mark is an evangelist now. Brad Morgan is their pastor and Rick Wilcher their praise leader at the church.

All around Causey and Rogers the wheat looks ready for harvest. I don’t know of anyone combining so for, but probably will be as soon as this misty weather and showers let up so they can.

Cotton and peanuts
There is quite a bit of cotton up on irrigated land and some peanuts planted and some just coming through the ground.

Carrie Dillard’s dad has had a heat attack.

Keener home
Buster and Gail Keener are home after spending several days in Missouri visiting their daughters and their families and Gail’s brother, Larry Bates. They had a good trip and enjoyed all their grandkids, even though they are all quite grown up now.

Parkinson visitors
Teresa (Parkinson) and her husband were here last week from Louisiana visiting her grandparents, Elton and Ruby Parkinson and other relatives. This was the first time she has been here in several years. Her daughters are both out of high school now too.