6/22 Local News

Dora News
Some of our wheat farmers have their crop combined and very little if any damaging hail. I have not heard of anyone losing wheat or young crops because of hail, only to homes and buildings mostly in the Redlake area, out west of Dora. There has been no rain or anything the past few days.

Sunday presentations
The Fathers at the Dora Baptist Church were each presented with a gift in honor of their day. They had more dads present to receive their gift than we had women on Mother’s Day.

Anita Carmichael had a double by-pass heart surgery on Monday morning and came through fine. Keith Carmichael wanted thank everyone for their thoughts, calls and concern of everyone.

Continued concerns
All our shut-in senior citizens and those with cancer and awaiting transplants.

If you have news, contact Charlie Carmichael at 356-9104.

These will be distributed in Arch, Causey, Milnesand and Dora on Wednesday, most likely in the afternoon.

“The DNA of Relationships” by Gary Smalley is being taught by Butch Schneider, Wednesday evenings at 7 in the Dora Baptist Church. Everyone is invited.

Floyd News
Birthdays: Ch’ree Essary, Ethel Standefer.
Anniversaries: Don and Linda Essary (37 years).

Upcoming events
• Seniors will meet Thursday for games and fellowship. Pot Luck is at 6 p.m. and games begin at 7 p.m.

Floyd Methodist Church
Bishop Max Whitfield has reappointed Mary Sue Hull to the Elida/Floyd charge. Also, the Floyd Methodist Church has had a 9 percent increase in participation in the last year. Combined with the Elida Methodist Church, there is a 13 percent increase in participation.

Swim lessons
The Portales City Pool will not be offering separate lessons for rural communities this year. However, you may still participate in the pool’s regularly scheduled lessons. These are in three different sessions throughout the summer in two week blocks. Contact or go by the pool in Portales for a schedule.

Jennifer Essary can be reached at 478-2846 or by e-mail:

South County News
The weather in South County seems hot to local residents, as it does in the whole eastern part of the state as well. However, I made mention of the heat to one of the Garrison area former residents when he called and he had no sympathy for us. Dustin Carmichael has been in Djaboudi, Africa for almost two years and it ranges from 110 or so early in the “cool” of the mornings up to 135-147 degrees in the afternoons. When he was in Portales last July it seemed so cool to him and he wore a jacket about every day he was here.

Reunion time
July 3 will be the only day of the annual Milnesand Reunion. It will be in the Community Building. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. and all fun, food, festivities, fellowship, and the program are planned for the rest of the day. It will be a pot luck luncheon as usual, so come one, come all.

Lynn Preuit is slowly improving and is enjoying being able to do a little to help his wife out while she is a work. His grandmother, Rowena Preuit, began teaching him to cook when he was a toddler and he would be visiting and wanted to help.