July 13 Letters to the Editor

Once again, the president delivered a well-crafted speech in support of our actions in Iraq, and once again the truth was masked with 9/11 patriotic justifications.
Dishonestly or not, they were wrong about weapons of mass destruction, mostly wrong about Americans as liberators and wrong and disingenuously misleading about Iraq as the source of international terrorism.
This is emphatically not a matter of “Oh, we screwed up … let’s move on.” Many thousands of people have paid dearly for these little screwups.
The president is wrong. The insurgency is not a force for terror because “They hate freedom.” Rather, it is primarily a resistance to our occupation to secure oil based on a twisted ideal of political stability. It’s their country, and we are the problem.
Empire is about groups controlling others less powerful. Community is about groups working in concert for mutual good. Bush is not a community leader, but a well-prepped corporate imperialist control freak who has no business being the head of a country moving disastrously toward wars of empire now hopelessly obsolete.
It was best said by Gore Vidal: We howl our tribal slogans as we swirl down the drains of war’s history.
Sooner or later, American democracy must move toward letting the George Bushes of the world howl their way into well-deserved historical obscurity.

Kirby Rowan

On behalf of the Committee of Fifty and the Base Realignment and Closure Steering Committee, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people in the Clovis-Portales communities and the surrounding areas for all of their hard work and assistance in making the regional hearing by the BRAC Commission the best we could possibly have ever imagined.
The feedback from the commissioners and their staff was very positive and enthusiastic.
Our communities can be very proud of what was accomplished during the hearing. It was evident the Commission observed and heard a great effort put forth by those folks on stage, in the audience and outside lining the streets to greet them. These efforts have not gone unnoticed and will surely make our case to remove Cannon Air Force Base from the closure list.
We are still working hard to make that case in the upcoming weeks with our volunteers, consultants, congressional and state delegations. The fight is still not over so I encourage everyone to keep writing those letters and e-mails to the Commission to keep Cannon.

Terry L. Moberly
Chairman, Committee of Fifty