Wishes sought from community

By Tony Garner

The pilot of NBC’s new show “Three Wishes” features a young girl involved in an horrific accident, a sick teacher with a heartfelt wish for her students, and a boy who wants to thank the role model who stepped into his life after the devastating loss of his father.
Scheduled to air Fridays in the fall, the hour-long show featuring Grammy-award winning singer Amy Grant as the host is looking for similar heartfelt and inspiring stories for its third episode to be filmed next week from Clovis.
Andrew Glassman, executive producer, said that Clovis was chosen mainly because Grant has ties to Farwell.
Senior Casting Producer Traci Green said in June that Grant specifically asked NBC to do a casting call in the area because of her ties to Farwell. Grant’s nanny, whose family asks that she not be identified by name for privacy concerns, is a Farwell native.
Farwell’s Pam Norton, the nanny’s sister, said she briefly talked to Grant in Nashville a few months ago about the show.
“She seemed really excited to do the show,” Norton said. “Amy is such a caring person. She has a big heart and I think this show will reflect that.”
Glassman is also familiar with the Clovis area from his previous work with an Albuquerque TV station.
Filming in Clovis will begin Thursday and continue through Sunday, according to network officials. A parade and free concert featuring Grant is planned for the final day of filming.
“Final details are pending,” Glassman said.
A “wish tent” will be set up at 5 p.m. Thursday on Main Street in which cast members will be on hand to hear wishes.
NBC spokeswoman Jill Carmen believes Grant, a five-time Grammy winner, is the perfect host.
“She represents the very kind of compassion illustrated in show,” Carmen said. “She’s very down to earth, likable, and engaging.”
Other cast members include Carter Oosterhouse (NBC’s “Today”), Eric Stromer (“Clean Sweep”) and Diane Mizota (“Knock First”).
Carmen believes what sets “Three Wishes” apart from other reality-based shows is that it has a positive message.
“It’s a great family show,” Carmen said. “The neat thing is that the possibilities are endless.
“We hope to grant big and small wishes of all kinds.”
The show is tentatively scheduled to air Sept. 22.