County meeting watch

Tony Parra: PNT staff writer

Highlights from Tuesday’s Roosevelt County Commission meeting:
• Commissioner Tom Clark requested any changes to the county personnel policy be brought before the commission for approval.
Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Hardin sent out an e-mail asking if anyone working for the county would volunteer to be on a committee a committee to review the personnel policy.
“It’s good practice to review the personnel policy periodically,” Hardin said. “There are some drug and safety policies that are outdated.”
Hardin said the last updates made to the personnel policy were done in 2001.
• Commissioners approved a resolution endorsing the Roosevelt County Health Council Membership. The Roosevelt County Health Council is made of health care professionals and private citizens of the community.
Hardin said the New Mexico State Health Department requires a resolution from the county in support of the health council. With the help of resolutions and county support, the health council can gain grants from the state health department.
• Commissioners approved a budget adjustment of $6,500 through a Bureau of Land Management grant for equipment for the Milnesand Fire Department. Hardin said the county acts as a fiscal agent for the fire department.
• Roosevelt County Detention Center Administrator Jesse Luera reported 72 inmates, 12 of which are female, in the detention center.