Odds, ends, and concerns

Kevin Wilson: PNT Managing Editor

Sometimes, the smaller things deserve bigger descriptions.
However, sometimes it’s the bigger topics that need smaller discussions, so I’m going to cover a few things I’ve been thinking, because none of them deserve a column of their own.
• Apparently, there’s some boycott of the new “Dukes of Hazzard” movie going on. Some say the new movie adds way too much profanity and sexual humor to a good-natured family show.
Why can’t we go back to the days of family values, where women always wore bikinis and short shorts, and young men were championed for running away from the police in a car featuring the flag of a movement that sought to continue slavery?
• Tuesday was Madden Day, the make-shift holiday I’ve long been in favor of creating. The holiday centers around the annual release of Electronic Arts’ John Madden football video game.
This year’s version allows you to enter Superstar Mode, where you create your own superstar and dedicate hours of gameplay taking him through the life of one of the NFL’s elite. So if you end up reading a story in the next few months about reduced productivity of college-aged males, there you go.
• Speaking of video games, we’re not far from a video game version of the popular television series “24.” The game, I’ve read, deals with a lot of the questions that were unanswered between the second and third season.
It’s convenient that a company can create a video game to cover up mistakes in its television show, but I hope this isn’t something that catches on. I’d rather not see a “Friends” video game explaining why 90 percent of New Yorkers are Caucasians or a trilogy of “Growing Pains” games to explain everything that went wrong with that series.
• Software giant Microsoft just received a $7 million settlement from a man who sent out unsolicited e-mails to millions of Internet users. It’s frustrating to know that I’ve had to clear out junk e-mail folders for years, and one of the most responsible parties is forced to pay money to a billion-dollar corporation like Microsoft and not one cent to me.
• I’ll be the first one to say it, and beat every sportswriter across the country. “The Phoenix Coyotes should have a decent shot against (other hockey team) with Wayne Gretzky on the ice. What? He’s their coach? Oh, sorry. Score a win for (other hockey team).”
• The state’s tax-free holiday was a success, but I have a suggestion for next time around. Let’s make the tax-free holiday apply to vehicle purchases. And let’s make sure that employee discount thing is there during that weekend. Finally, we can take away that obligation for the salesperson to make small talk, because it’s usually an awkward moment for both.
Actually, let’s just put these principles in place every weekend.