Elida has ‘typical first day’

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

ELIDA — Anthony Olivas started a routine Monday that will last the next nine months.

No more sleeping until 9 a.m. or later like he had during the summer. Instead, the sophomore set his alarm for 6:30 a.m. Monday in preparation of Elida’s first day of school.

“It’s been hard,” Olivas said about going back to school. “Probably the hardest part is waking up early in the morning.

I set my alarm for the first two weeks then after that I’m usually able to get up without the alarm.”

Olivas was among the approximately 18 other Elida students from grades ninth through 12th working on a project on Monday afternoon in Michelle Chambers’ creative art class.

Chambers, who also teaches drama, is new to Elida.
“We’re fortunate to find a teacher who is certified in fine arts,” said Elida Superintendent Jack Burch.

Also new to Elida is a mutli-purpose facility expected to be completed in February.

The facility will house a weight room and have a synthetic floor for teams to practice on and elementary students to play on. It will also have a stage for school plays.
Burch said the school received $560,000 for the building from the Public School Finance Authority of New Mexico.

“I think it’s wonderful that Elida has more arts,” Chambers said. “We don’t have enough in public education. I think it’s great that Elida has arts. Mr. Burch found a way.”

Freshman Morgan McBride spent an eventful summer going to basketball camp in June and spent two weeks in Daytona Beach, but said she was glad to be back in Elida and going to school.

“It’s pretty good to go back to school and see all of my friends,” Elida senior Steven Russell said. “I enjoy getting to hang out with friends at school.”

Burch said there are approximately 127 students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Burch journeyed through the hallways Monday afternoon to make sure everything was OK.

“Typical first day of school,” Burch said. “It was hectic, but exciting.”