Aug 24 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The area is really getting soaked lately, with the area around Pep getting the most so far. At Pep and regions west, some reported five inches of rain Saturday.
There was some hail damage on crops to the southeast of Pep early last week. Some cotton was just about destroyed in the old Richland area.
Roads were flooded all over. Some families didn’t get out for church on Sunday. However, the school busses were able to get to most places where there were students to pick up the first day of school Monday.

Fair booths
The women from Milnesand, Causey, Rogers and Dora were out Monday preparing fair displays for their respective clubs. Those in 4-H and the school Future Farmers of America will be busy all week showing animals.

Lynn Preuitt is still gradually gaining strength and is able to be with his family in Colorado most of the time now.
Kristi Ledbetter is again out of the hospital following a few days for an infection.