Chasin’ bacon: an annual fair event

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Even at six years old, Tanner Rowden said he’s an old hand at the pig chase.

The Steiner Elementary School student was one of five winners in the annual pig chase during Wednesday’s opening day of the Roosevelt County Fair.

“I’ve been in the pig chase a couple of times, but this is the first time I have won,” Rowden said. “I’ve got a couple of trophies at home, but they’re ordinary.”

Fair workers Jackie Clark said the pigs used to be greased for the pig chase, but because the kids got extremely messy after the chase the pigs are no longer greased. Instead, a handkerchief is tied around their neck and the first one to pull it off wins.

Other winners were:
• Gage Rowan, pre-school group;
• Haden Inge, 5-year-old;
• Casey Faver, 7-year-old;
• Ezera Oden, 8-year-old.

Before the start of the pig chase, young children from Roosevelt County walked their hard work — in the form of a pig — around the show arena. Children gently slapped the pigs on their behinds and the sides of the pigs to walk them around while the judges reviewed the pigs bodies and the structure of the body.

Koby Cone, a 9-year-old student from Dora, entered his pig, Nelly, into the First-year Feeder Contest and placed seventh place. Hannah Scroggins, Floyd sophomore, entered her pig, Chicken, into the same category. Scroggins has been taking care of Chicken since April.

“I feed him certain foods,” Scroggins said. “I walked him around during the day. At first I didn’t want to (take care of it), but after I started to take care of him, I fell in love with him.”