How New Mexico fared

The Associated Press

Cannon Air Force Base:
Commissioners turned down the Pentagon’s recommendation to close Cannon, voting instead to dissolve its fighter wing and send its F-16s elsewhere while leaving the base open as an enclave. The action would leave an unspecified reduced force at the base while the Pentagon searches for a new use for Cannon. However, the Department of Defense could close Cannon if no new mission is identified by Dec. 31, 2009.

White Sands Missile Range:
The Commission rejected the Pentagon’s plan to move the Army Research Laboratory at White Sands Missile Range to Maryland, thus saving 178 jobs. Supporters argued it would cost more to move the lab to Maryland, where living and operating costs are higher. A BRAC staff analysis noted the Pentagon said an unspecified number of lab workers might have to be kept at White Sands even if the facility were moved. The staff also said it would take 100 years to recoup the cost of moving the lab.

Holloman Air Force Base:
The Commission unanimously voted to move Holloman Air Force Base’s physiological training center to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and mothball Holloman’s high-onset gravitational force centrifuge. That cost 17 jobs at Holloman, near Alamogordo. The center, established in 1986, actually operated under the auspices of Brooks City Base in San Antonio, Texas.