Family opens coffee shops in Portales, Clovis

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

The coffee cups pour in Portales and Clovis, as one local family has created a significant share in the growing business.

Sheryl McClary and husband Kelly McClary of Portales own three coffee shops in eastern New Mexico. Sheryl McClary said the Coffee Depot in Clovis was opened November and Casa de Cafe shops in Portales and Cannon Air Force Base were opened in June.

Casa de Cafe offers 60 drinks ranging from espressos, cappuccinos, smoothies and lattes, according to Sheryl McClary. The coffee shop also sells cinnamon rolls, breakfast cookies, cheesecake, muffins and bagels.

Sheryl McClary said the family is relatively new to the coffee shop business but have owned Pat’s Twin Cronnie for the last five years, according to Sheryl McClary. Sheryl McClary said it was while working at Pat’s Twin Cronnies that the family decided to open up a coffee shop in Portales.

The business is located on Second Street, across from the Something Different Restaurant. The building, which used to be a burrito shop, has been empty for years.

One of the things the coffee shop has in common with other businesses in Portales is the way the business operates — as a family operation. Similar family businesses in Portales include El Rancho Restaurant, La Paz Restaurant and the Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

“You have to have family helping you,” Sheryl McClary said. “Family is a big part of any business.”

Sheryl McClary runs the coffee shop with the help of her daughters, Kassey McClary and Ashley Kendrick. Kendrick is the manager of the coffee shop.

Kassey McClary said it’s been a good experience for her working with her sister and mother.

“The advantage of having your children help with the coffee shop is having someone you know oversee what’s going on,” Sheryl McClary said. “I can’t be at every location. It’s nice to have someone there that knows what’s going on.”

Other family members did their part as well. Sheryl said her father, Don Heflin, built the counters for the coffee shop.

Other coffee shops in Portales include the Do Drop In by the downtown square and the Victory Life Coffee Shop at 605 W. 18th St. One of the advantages the Casa de Cafe coffee shop has over those two coffee shops is the proximity to Eastern New Mexico University, though the university has the Ground Zero coffee shop located in the Campus Union Building.

Kendrick said the other advantage for Casa de Cafe is the drive-thru.

“An advantage of having the drive-thru is that people on their breaks can go through the drive-thru and get what they want quickly,” Kendrick said. “It’s (buying coffee) a trend. There are people who buy coffee and bring their kids to buy smoothies for them.”