9-11 Portales Junior High School News

Teacher learning day
While students had last Tuesday off, teachers attended vertical meetings to work on adjusting curriculum to match the state standards and benchmarks. The afternoon was spent learning to identify student strengths and weaknesses so instructions can be adjusted to benefit students the most.

Progress reports issued
Thursday teachers give each student a progress report. This enables the student and parent to double check class averages to make sure the students are making what they want to achieve. If things are satisfactory, students can continue their routines. If grades are lower than parents and students want, they have four weeks to work on those grades before the end of the first quarter. Parents may log on to Power School at any time to check on their child’s grades. The technology department has issued parents of each child a password to ensure student confidentially.

All four of the PJHS volleyball teams travel to Clovis to play Gattis on Monday. Then on Thursday all four teams host Marshall. Games with Gattis and Marshall will be played using two gyms, so the action will be doubly fast. All weekday games begin at 4 p.m.

It’s a road trip this Saturday for both the seventh- and eighth-grade football teams as they head to Ruidoso. Kick-off is at 11 a.m.

Call the school
Attendance secretary Veronica Pena thanks parents who call when their child must be absent. She reminds other parents to please call the school office any time their child needs to miss school.

Great beginnings at PJHS
Principal Steve Harris thanks parents, students, and staff for a great beginning of this school year. He further thanks parents for supporting the school with the fund raising project. Money earned for the school goes into the student activity fund.

Organize for success
Teachers at the junior high know that good organization is one of the keys to student success. Because of this, the school provides each student with a planner. This provides space for recording assignments for each class and is an excellent tool for parents to help students organize their homework time. Many parents and teachers also use this as a means of communication about the student’s school work.