9-11 School Menus

Portales Schools

Monday: Cold cereal, muffin, juice and milk

Tuesday: Cheese omelet, toast w/jelly, juice and milk

Wednesday: Pancake on a stick, fresh fruit and milk

Thursday: Breakfast bar, teddy grahams, juice and milk

Friday: Cold cereal, graham crackers, juice and milk


Monday: Chicken nuggets, roll, carrots, fresh fruit and milk

Tuesday: Hamburger, fries, fresh fruit, pudding and milk

Wednesday: Steak fingers, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, fresh fruit and milk

Thursday: Pizza, veggie sticks w/dip, jell-o, fresh fruit and milk

Friday: Rib cue, fresh fruit and milk

Floyd Schools

Monday: Breakfast burritos,cereal assorted choice, apple, orange or fruit juice, milk

Tuesday: No school, parent teacher conference

Wednesday: Pancakes and syrup, sausage pattie, cereal juice, milk

Thursday: Quesadilla, bacon slide, cereal assorted choice, juice, milk

Friday: Scrambled eggs, toast, cereal assorted choice, or fruit juice, milk

Monday: Bean tostadas, vegetable salad, apple crisp, milk

Tuesday: No school, parent teacher conference

Wednesday: Chicken noodles, grill cheese sandwich, carrots (baby), celery sticks, blueberry muffin, milk (middle and high school) taco bar

Thursday: Macaroni dinner, green beans, hot roll, fruit jello, milk

Friday: Tequitas w/pico, pinto beans, vegetable salad, chilled pears, milk