9-14 Dora/South County News

Charlie Carmichael

Several Dora students and area 4-H club members left last week to take projects to the state fair in Albuquerque. They were accompanied by sponsors and parents for the events.

Double duty
The Jeremy Woodruff family journeyed to Albuquerque last week for the wedding of one of Jeremy’s brothers. He is the youth director for the Dora Baptist Church, and about 17 members of the youth group also went to Albuquerque for a two-day retreat.
They all met Sunday afternoon at camp and reported having a good time. There were several adults transporting the children, who all returned safely from Glorietta on Monday.

Hurricane help
The San Jacinto Baptist Church in Houston started out feeding 184 evacuees who were in the Astrodome. The total ballooned to nearly 1,000 people in three days, and that was three meals a day. Many other organizations did their parts as well.

Dustin and Tina Carmichael are members there, as Tina Reyes informed me.