Phoning while driving invites more accidents


For some time now, we’ve been beset with electronic governors, disembodied digitized voices telling us to do what we ought or should have realized.

Now there are cellular phones that will do for us what we should be doing ourselves regarding driving and phone use.

It seems Motorola is developing a cell phone that will send some or all incoming calls to voice mail if it senses that your car is in a traffic tie-up of a certain degree of difficulty to navigate.

While the “polite” phone doesn’t prevent users from making calls, what it does do is something we should do ourselves:

Recognize that nearly all the time, cell-phone calls in the car can wait until we have pulled over safely, or we could use hands-free devices.

Industry estimates show that 40 percent of all cell phone calls take place inside motor vehicles. That’s too many.

But do, we need the phone itself to remove the temptation of in-traffic telephony?

Given that university studies have shown several other behaviors to be each behind more injury accidents than cell phones, we’re wondering how soon technology will come up with ways to stop us from looking at attractive members of the opposite sex on the sidewalk, shaving, applying makeup, fiddling with the radio, reaching into the back seat, balancing a burger, fries and a drink on our laps …