Eastern New Mexico University sees highest enrollment since 1975

PNT Staff

Just as it was predicted on the first day of classes, the enrollment for Eastern New Mexico University topped the 4,000-student mark.

Enrollment for the fall semester is 4,052. This is the highest enrollment since 1975 when 4,248 were enrolled. Friday was the official census day for enrollment.

Enrollment is up 2.3 percent from the 2004 fall headcount, which was 3,959.

We attribute the growth to the efforts of Eastern’s faculty and staff, including the graduate school and graduate coordinators, in showing prospective and current students personal attention,” said ENMU President Steven Gamble.

“Eastern’s affordable tuition and academic reputation are well known and are keys to our enrollment success.

Gamble said on the first day of classes that registration estimates had ENMU at an approximate enrollment of 4,000. Gamble felt that being able to attract Texas students at New Mexico tuition rates has helped the university as well.

“In addition, Eastern’s recruiting efforts have been successful in attracting a number of students from Texas, who can attend Eastern for in-state tuition if they live within 135 miles of the school,” Gamble said. “However, the great majority of our students are New Mexicans who live within 150 miles of the campus.”

Gamble added that a thorough analysis of the figures is being compiled.