School Menus 9/19-9/23

Portales Schools
Monday: Cold cereal, bagel w/cream cheese, juice and milk.

Tuesday: French toast sticks, ham, juice and milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast pizza, fresh fruit and milk.

Thursday: Breakfast burrito, juice and milk.

Friday: Cold cereal, muffin, juice and milk.

Monday: Beef and cheese nachos, pinto beans, fresh fruit.

Tuesday: Hot dog, fries, fresh fruit, pudding and milk.

Wednesday: Pizza pocket, peas, fresh fruit, peanut butter cake and milk.

Thursday: Hoagie, chips, lettuce, tomato, chilled fruit and milk.

Friday: Enchiladas, crackers, pinto beans, chilled fruit and milk.

Floyd Schools
Monday: Sausage gravy and biscuit, cereal, fruit juice, milk.

Tuesday: Pancake/sausage on a stick, cereal, fruit juice,

Wednesday: Breakfast pizza, cereal, fruit juice, milk.

Thursday: Sausage and egg casserole, cereal, fruit juce,

Friday: French toast sticks, cereal, fruit juice, milk.

Monday: Chicken enchilada, rice (cooked white), vegetable salad, orange smiles, milk.

Tuesday: Sub sandwich, ranch style beans, vegetable salad, chilled peaches, milk.

Wednesday: Barbecued beef, sliced potatoes, vegetable salad, chilled pears, hot roll, milk.

Thursday: Fish nuggets, cole slaw, hot roll, mixed fruit, milk.

Friday: Chicken strips, whipped potatoes, cream gravy, english peas, choc. pudding, milk.