Sept. 22 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Commodities distributed
Commodities will be distributed today at the C&S Station building in Dora.

Searching for newcomers
If you know of any newcomers to our area please let this columnist know about them so they can be welcomed and informed about commodity distribution, our schools, and churches.

People displaced by Hurricane Katrina are relocating all over the nation and if any have come into our community we want to know and be ready to aid them.

Special concern
Of special concern to us is Dustin Carmichael as he flies home to Houston from Africa and Tina Carmichael’s dad Charlie Frehan as he goes to Iraq to help in reconstruction.

Welcome home
This columnist wants to welcome home Karl Terry as managing editor at the Portales News Tribune and his wife Carol. May your years here be long, successful and happy!