Parenting choice pays off for Goolsby

Complied by Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Name: Peggy Goolsby

Job: Manager of Landall’s Box Office

Age (and birth date): 58 years old, Nov. 14, 1946.

Hometown: I was born in Portales and went to school in Floyd.

Family: My daughter; Lexie Myers, son-in-law; Kevin Myers who owns Myers Electric in Clovis, my son, Landall, my favorite granddaughter Kyla (9), my favorite grandson Lance (7).

Hobbies and groups you are involved with, volunteer work:
Past times, I’m an alternate driver for Meals on Wheels, a volunteer side walker for Mini-Blessings (a therapeutic riding program for special needs children), I love to read mysteries of all types. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. They come over once a week and we stay up half the night watching classic movies.

Tell us about your parents:
“My mom is Cecil Faye Watkins. She’s retired and very active at Golden Acres. Meryl Watkins, my dad, was killed in 1961, in a farming accident. He was instrumental in helping build the Methodist Church at Floyd.

Tell us about your first career:
“My first career was a homemaker, a mother and an underpaid farm worker.”

Tell us about a happy time:
“Last year my daughter Lexie, her family and I flew to Los Angeles where Landall lives. We had the vacation of our lives. Disneyland, Universal Studio, the beach — we tried to see it all. I had dreamed for several years of a family vacation in L. A. with all my family.”

How have your children influenced your life?
“There comes a time in life when the roles reverse. Lexie and Kathy Stallings started a therauputic riding program in Clovis two years ago for special needs children. She is a young woman giving to the community so others may enjoy life. Lexie teaches me to give of myself. She is also one of the most patient people I know. Landall takes care of his Mom even from a distance. I admire him for having the courage to move away and fulfill his dreams in L.A. with an acting career. His advice to me is to dance as though no one is watching. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth. I have been blessed by my family.”

Tell us about your job:
“My son Landall opened a video store in Fort Sumner at the age of 13. Lexie and Landall (without the knowledge of their parents) talked Nickelodeon into opening a satellite store in town. I threw a fit as he was only 13 and still in school. Larry (their dad) said ‘No, let him do this. The more opportunities we can give our kids, the more they will learn and grow as human beings.’ Now I am making my living from my son’s business venture. We have been open 13 years and still going strong.”

What advice would you give
to high school graduates?
“Always have something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.”

If you could be a superhero, what would your name and powers be?
“Wonder Woman of course. An independent beautiful crusader righting the wrongs of the world.”

If you could go anywhere in the world for dinner, where would you go and what would you have?
“I would fly on a private jet to Paris, ordering everything I have never eaten and can’t pronounce. I would sample it all.”

What is your greatest hope for the future?
“Tolerance for ourselves and others.”