Film pros capture moments

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

A family member can film a wedding but having the wedding filmed professionally may be worth the extra cost for a treasured moment for the bride and groom to view the rest of their lives.

Entrepreneurs from a business in Portales are making that attempt. Paul Hunton and his wife Andrea Hunton, both of Portales, opened AV (AudioVisual) Productions in the downtown area at 210 W. Second St. in March, according to Paul.

The young couple saved up money to start a new business and with their different backgrounds they manage different aspects of the business.

Paul, who is 22, is an Eastern New Mexico University senior and will receive a degree in broadcast production in May. Paul along with Jarrad Doerr and Lukas Cash handle the filming and editing part of the business.

Andrea takes care of the business aspect of A/V Productions by keeping track of profits and expenses. She is also attending ENMU and is a business major.

The film crew records music videos, weddings and public service announcements. Paul said prices vary depending on the hours worked on projects. According to Paul, one of the time-consuming aspects is the editing portion. Paul said in one instance it took 75 hours to complete a film.

“There are three times when you make a movie,” Paul said. “First you decide what you want it to look like. The second time is when you actually shoot it. The third is what the movie looks like after all of the editing is done.”

Paul said that’s what the production members focus on to make sure the show looks professionally done: Write, shoot and edit.

Paul talks with the clients to find out what type of film they want. Paul and Doerr grew up in Portales and have known each other since they were five years old. Paul and Doerr met Cash while the three were attending ENMU.

“To me it’s not work,” Paul said. “It’s (filming) something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid. You also have the freedom to work your own hours.”

Paul adds that with two cameras going it’s important to keep rolling at all times.

“The biggest thing with weddings is to not miss a moment,” Paul said. “Usually the bride talks to us about what she wants. It’s (wedding day) something she’s dreamed about since she was a little girl. We ask about what she wants and talk to her about how we can get the best shots and what are the best angles.”

Doerr said wedding movies benefit from allowing crew members to roam around the area without limits.

“One of the best wedding movies we had was when we were allowed to follow the bride down the aisle and onto the stage,” Doerr said. “The bride said it turned out really nice.”

AV Production members shot a film for the United Way of Eastern New Mexico during the summer with 30 extras on Main Street in Clovis and they are currently filming a music video for David Dawson of Clovis.

Paul said anyone interested in having a film made by AV Productions can call 356-0077 or 693-2361 to make an appointment. According to Paul, it is important to give advance notice so they can get together with clients and begin doing the preparation work. A/V Production members are also able to convert VHS movies and 8 mm film to DVDs.