New store brings unique gifts to Portales

By Tony Parra

Owners of a new downtown business want to bring a uniqueness to Portales in the form of gifts and collectibles.
Tressie Stroud is the owner of the new business,

NoWhereElse, which will be located at 214 S. Main Street next to Herb’s Barber Shop. The NoWhereElse store will have unique gifts such as collectibles, biker leather-jackets, vests, chaps, along with housewares and silver-finish animal abstract figurines, to name a few.

“We wanted to open a unique gift store that had gifts you couldn’t find anywhere else in Portales,” Stroud said, hence the name NoWhereElse. “We will have a little bit of everything. We want to have a nice, clean store which offers a variety of unique gifts.”

Stroud and her daughter, Donna Hayman, will be operating the store. Stroud and Hayman said they are hoping to have the NoWhereElse store open by Nov. 1. Stroud is looking at having the store open from 8 a.m. to either 6 p.m. or 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday and possibly from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Stroud said with The Territorial Restaurant opening up, where The Roosevelt Restaurant used to be located, it will increase traffic to the area. NoWhereElse is located behind The Territorial Restaurant.

Stroud said she is hopeful to incorporate art works from local artists with art works from national suppliers.
The store was redecorated on the outside with new stucco and on the inside with new walls, ceiling and a floor. Stroud said she hired Stretch Marx of Portales to paint the new floors which have black tiles with glitter-covered copper leaves on the tiles.

Stroud and Hayman grew up in Portales through the family farming business where they grew hay, milo, corn, peanuts and alfafa. Hayman helped her mother with the bookkeeping of the farm business.

“I’ve really worked with her for quiet a while,” Hayman said. “I’m excited (about the opening). It’s more exciting as the date gets closer.”

Hayman will be working at the store while attending Eastern New Mexico University. Stroud said she thought of the concept three years ago and a major push to open a new business in Portales was being able to be her own boss.

“I wanted to do something on my own,” Stroud said. “I wanted to be my own business. This was also a nice way of being able to spend more time with my family. Donna gets to be here with me.”

Stroud said her and her daughter work together on ideas for the store.

Stroud shares the building with Andy Parks, who owns the Parks Plumbing business. Stroud said Parks has been in plumbing for 19 years. Stroud and Hayman answer calls for his plumbing business, also.