Enjoy Thanksgiving, other holidays while you can

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

I definitely enjoy my time with family and friends so they can enjoy my insults and wise cracks about them.

But not everybody gets time off from their jobs to give guys like me their undivided attention and listen to the insults carefully. (Don’t worry I get the insults from them as well and we have fun joking around.)

However, some people who work at call centers, gasoline stations, retail stores, video rental stores, fast-food restaurants and newspapers don’t get the day off.

I worked at a fast-food restaurant and a call center to help people with their cell phones, and I never understood why people had to have these services on Thanksgiving Day.
Do you really have to have a McRib or a Whopper on Thanksgiving Day? No.

Do you really have to call to find out why you went over your minutes or discuss the phone bill on Thanksgiving Day?

You could plan ahead and rent movies on Wednesday so you can watch them on Thanksgiving Day.

I understand the need for some places to be open. I understand the need for newspaper, gas-station workers and airline workers to be working on Thanksgiving Day because the news never stops and people travel.

I never understood why people who called in to call centers didn’t just spend time with their families. If they couldn’t be with their friends or family, they could call them or chat with them online.

And even if you didn’t want to spend any time with people you could do something else — relax. Go outside and enjoy the day or stay inside and watch football and unwind. Chores, calls about your phone bill and work can wait to another day.

To me it just doesn’t seem right that people have to work on Thanksgiving Day. It’s like the kid who was punished in grade school and had to stay in the classroom while the other kids went out to recess.

Right now, fast-food restaurants and call centers are operating on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the first phase in the process to having all businesses and companies operating on Thanksgiving Day leading to the final phase in the distant future when banks and post offices will be open.

It appears as if we’re heading down the road to when every business and company will be operating on holidays and once again family and friends will have to take a backseat.
So, for now, enjoy Thanksgiving Day. While you can.

Tony Parra is a staff writer for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact him at 356-4483 or by e-mail: