Local family opens kids’ used clothing store

Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor

The Roach family life is all about kids, so it’s only natural that when Karen Roach opened her new business reselling kids’ stuff she would name it All About Kids.

Roach, who grew up in Portales and graduated at Floyd High School, opened the new store two weeks ago and has been amazed at the response she’s gotten so far.

The store sells used children’s clothing, shoes, toys, car seats, cribs and other baby items along with used maternity clothing. Children’s clothing runs in sizes from infant to junior size 16.

“I did it primarily so I could be with my kids,” Roach said. “They’re young, and I want them to be with me before they go to school. I also started the store because I’m a parent and a foster parent and I know the need is there. I can offer name brands at a cheaper price.”

Roach says she looked at how consignment stores were run and decided not to go that route. Instead she pays for used items she can resell up front.

“So I buy outright,” said Roach. “It makes it simpler and people can get their money right away.”

She admits not going the consignment route took more of an investment on her part but making it simpler appealed to the new business owner.

In buying items she will tell people right up front whether or not she can sell the item. Anything that is out of season or overstocked in the store can be brought back in later, she says, or at times she has been able to donate items to charity for the customer.

Customers selling can get a cash price or a store credit which is usually a little better than the cash value.
Roach left her job as office manager at Eastern New Mexico University’s Health Services to start the business. She began working on building up an inventory and remodeling the building at 312 Main in July with the help of her husband Billy and a friend, Jodee Kinser. While there was lots of apprehension at launching the project, including keeping the inventory up, Roach says things are going great so far.

“I’ve actually been overwhelmed,” Roach said. “I was very nervous the first day, but we started off with a bang.”

She immediately had customers bringing her items to sell and she says she had so much inventory that she had to put Billy to work building more display space.

Roach says that nearly any new parents are liable to shop at a second-hand store for baby items because kids go through clothes so fast.

“Anything under 12 months is barely used, because they grow so fast,” Roach said.

She says she’s especially sensitive to the needs of those kids from less fortunate families.

“As foster parents, we see some kids come in with absolutely nothing, Roach said. “I just felt like there was a huge need here.”

The Roaches have five children between them and two foster kids, ranging in age from 1-13.

Billy Roach owns his own business, Billy Roach Renovations, so he was supportive when it came time for his wife to venture into business for herself.

“I think it’s great,” Billy Roach said. “I’ve had faith in her since the beginning. I knew she’d do well because of her determination.”

He noted that the family needed two incomes and something where she could do her own thing and have the kids around was perfect. “She gets so pumped up,” Billy Roach said, of his wife’s enthusiasm for the job.

The store, located in the former College Drug building, is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.