Jan. 15, 2006 Letter to the Editor

Senatorial candidate clarifies statements

I read with interest the review by Andy Jackson of the recent Republican senatorial candidate debate in Clovis. Unfortunately, some statements attributed to me are false.
While “(Jeff) Bingaman’s stand on the war in Iraq is not consistent with the beliefs of state voters” is certainly a statement with which many New Mexicans would agree, I did not make it. The closest thing toit that I said in the debate was that if the incumbent had been there, he would not understand what we were talking about. That comment was made in the overall context of a whole bunch of issues I had raised, including the threat to America from open borders in a time of war and America being at risk from the attack on our Judeo-Christian core beliefs.
Another statement attributed to me leaves me truly baffled. Jackson wrote that “Pfeffer, a former architect who is Jewish, said he supports the war and believes it has spawned an anti-Christian sentiment in the nation that will hurt Bingaman’s campaign for re-election.” She then elicited comment from Bingaman’s representative, who defended him accordingly.
However, I never said what was reported.
There very definitely is a war on Christianity going on, but it comes from the American Civil Liberties Union and other such organs. Internationally, our self-declared enemy is radical Islam. Assuming that the incumbent would be hurt at the polls because he is Christian is nonsense and I never made any such statement.
What I did say was that President Bush’s religion has been used against him and that this is plain bigotry against Christianity.
Also for the record, I continue to practice architecture. My handout at the debate said so.
Many thanks to the people of Clovis and to the Curry County Republican Party for an excellent program.

David Pfeffer
Santa Fe
Candidate for United States Senate