One arrested following Jan. 13 high speed chase

PNT Staff Report

A Portales man was arrested on two separate warrants following a high-speed chase that occurred on Jan. 13 over Roosevelt County roads and Portales city streets, according to Roosevelt County jail officials.

Joshua Villalobos, 22, of Portales, was arrested late Friday and charged with various crimes including: assault with intent to cause great injury to a peace officer, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer, child abuse, reckless driving and conditions of release.

According to the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s office report, which was not released until this Friday:

Villalobos was spotted driving a black Chevrolet pickup on North Main in Portales around 12:40 p.m. on Jan. 13. A probation officer who knew Villalobos had a warrant for his arrest on probation violation saw him driving the pickup.

Roosevelt county sheriff’s deputies were dispatched since the suspect vehicle would probably be outside city limits before police could get there.

The suspect vehicle drove west on State Highway 236 at a high rate of speed, then turned north on South Roosevelt Road V.

That was the start of a chase that lasted more than an hour and involved speeds in excess of 100 mph along with two attempts to stop the suspect vehicle with spike strips, and drawn weapons.

Also according to the report:
At one point in the chase, deputies thought they had the suspect cornered west of South Roosevelt Road Z and South Roosevelt Road 4. As the road came to an end, the suspect entered a private driveway and stopped behind the residence. Thinking the pickup’s occupants were about to flee on foot, the deputy in the lead chase vehicle exited his vehicle. The suspect vehicle came around the house and attempted to strike the deputy with the pickup.

The officer managed to step back toward his vehicle while drawing his weapon but the suspect vehicle didn’t stop.
Deputies eventually chased the vehicle westbound on State Highway 480 (Tinsley Crossing Road) near Elida and then on U.S. Highway 70 back toward Portales. A Portales police unit had spikes deployed near the intersection of U.S. 70 and Roosevelt Road T. The pickup’s driver drove around the spikes, continuing on toward Portales.

Once in the city, Portales police joined the chase for a time, until Police Chief Jeff Gill ordered his units out of the pursuit because of safety concerns. Shortly after that, sheriff’s deputies too decided to terminate the pursuit due to its length, the lack of additional officers to assist and the danger to the public.

A city unit later found the vehicle abandoned in the 900 block of South Chicago shortly after the chase was terminated.
The report said city police, while checking out the abandoned vehicle, detained a 16-year-old female who witnesses saw exiting the vehicle as it was being abandoned by the suspects. The juvenile said she asked Villalobos to stop so he wouldn’t get in more trouble.

A wallet along with papers with Villalobos’ name on them were found in the vehicle, which was registered to Marge Villalobos, according to the report.

Sheriff Tom Gossett said no charges have been filed against the juvenile.